Saturday, March 6, 2010

Anna Hutchison, Ari Boyland & Jared Turner on "Go Girls" (2009)

In the "Go Girls" world, Jungle Fury's Yellow Ranger and RPM's Blue Ranger happen to be siblings. Anna Hutchison (Lily, Jungle Fury) continued her starring role in the show's fifth episode titled "Loyal." Her character Amy Smart deals with the frequent torment of her rival Angelina who browses her sock stand only to bring up Amy's money problems without buying anything. Unbeknownst to Amy, she is also the object of her best friend Kevin's fantasies. Amy also tries to celebrate the return of her brother Scott to town, until she discovers that he intends to stand by their greedy mother in the midst of their parents' messy divorce. Ari Boyland (Flynn, RPM) makes his debut on the series playing Amy's brother Scott, a slacker who returns home after running out of cash on his never-ending surf vacation. The relationship between brother & sister remains strained as Scott continues his smoking & drinking with his friends, who make fun of Amy's friend Cody who shows up at the party with a makeover to help her find a man to marry. Speaking of Cody, her boyfriend hunt continues to falter, especially as her attentions remain on her daughter's teacher, the married Ben Maddox, played by Jared Turner (voice of Whiger, Jungle Fury). Ben learns about the Alzheimer's Disease affecting Cody's mother and the two continue to bond when he brings his car into her garage for repairs. The episode ends with the two sharing a dangerous kiss.

Anna Hutchison

Ari Boyland

Jared Turner

Season 1 of "Go Girls" is available on DVD (Non-U.S.)

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