Saturday, January 1, 2011

Keith Robinson on "Lie to Me" (2010)

Keith Robinson (Joel, Lightspeed) guest starred on the FOX drama "Lie to Me." Robinson appeared in the third season episode "Smoked," as Rudy Weaver, a young man whose sister is killed in the family's restaurant during an armed robbery. The investigative team believes there may have been a connection between the murder and the estranged family, which includes Rudy. While they are unable to connect Rudy to the death of his sister, they later discover that it was their uncle who hired the masked killers so that the death could be pinned on Rudy and his brother, leaving their uncle to take over the family restaurant after their father's impending death. In the end, Rudy & his brother are reunited with their father. A full zip of Keith Robinson's screencaps is available to download below.

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Season 3 of "Lie to Me" currently airs on FOX

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