Friday, March 28, 2014

Commercial - Patricia Ja Lee for "Samsung Galaxy Pro"

Patricia Ja Lee (Cassie, Space-Turbo) can be seen in recent commercials for Samsung. The former Pink Ranger appears for a few seconds, as one of many people who realize the new Samsung Galaxy Pro series of tablets has great new features that other tablets do not. Her character appears at the end of the advertisement. She is relaxing on a spa day with a friend when she notices the screen resolution on her iPad isn't as great as the Samsung Galaxy Pro. The full commercial can be seen on Youtube.

 photo CMgalaxypro-pjl1_zpsa86009f6.jpg  photo CMgalaxypro-pjl2_zps41d56248.jpg
 photo CMgalaxypro-pjl3_zps39c099e2.jpg
 photo CMgalaxypro-pjl4_zps8dd617db.jpg  photo CMgalaxypro-pjl5_zps9263e298.jpg

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