Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jorgito Vargas Jr. on "Arrow" (2014)

Jorgito Vargas Jr. (Blake, Ninja Storm) made a brief appearance on current second season of The CW superhero series "Arrow." This week's episode, titled "Birds of Prey," finds Oliver Queen a.k.a. Arrow teaming up with his ally Black Canary in an effort to stop the criminal antics of The Huntress. When they believe they have her cornered, it's revealed that Vargas's character is behind the wheel. When Roy Harper intervenes, Vargas's character shoots him in the hand, leading Roy on a rampage. Oliver steps in before Roy can take out his anger on Helena's decoy. Jorgito Vargas Jr. is credited as 'Junkie" and appears in only one scene, with a few brief lines as he fears for his life. "Arrow" is filmed in Vancouver, Jorgito Vargas Jr.'s hometown. The former Navy Thunder Ranger is no stranger to superheroes as he previously appeared on The CW series "Smallville."

 photo arrow-2x17-jvj1_zps35a5af52.jpg  photo arrow-2x17-jvj2_zps12066694.jpg
 photo arrow-2x17-jvj3_zps93dfe9fd.jpg
 photo arrow-2x17-jvj4_zpsb92a2790.jpg  photo arrow-2x17-jvj5_zpsc58d0f50.jpg
 photo arrow-2x17-jvj6_zpse3e8c796.jpg
 photo arrow-2x17-jvj7_zpsfeafb081.jpg  photo arrow-2x17-jvj8_zpsd72b68e9.jpg
 photo arrow-2x17-jvj9_zpsf9721ea5.jpg

Season 2 of "Arrow" currently airs on THE CW

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Commercial - Patricia Ja Lee for "Samsung Galaxy Pro"

Patricia Ja Lee (Cassie, Space-Turbo) can be seen in recent commercials for Samsung. The former Pink Ranger appears for a few seconds, as one of many people who realize the new Samsung Galaxy Pro series of tablets has great new features that other tablets do not. Her character appears at the end of the advertisement. She is relaxing on a spa day with a friend when she notices the screen resolution on her iPad isn't as great as the Samsung Galaxy Pro. The full commercial can be seen on Youtube.

 photo CMgalaxypro-pjl1_zpsa86009f6.jpg  photo CMgalaxypro-pjl2_zps41d56248.jpg
 photo CMgalaxypro-pjl3_zps39c099e2.jpg
 photo CMgalaxypro-pjl4_zps8dd617db.jpg  photo CMgalaxypro-pjl5_zps9263e298.jpg

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Brandon Jay McLaren in "Plush" (2013)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) played a small role in the thriller "Plush." The movie follows singer/songwriter named Hayley (played by Emily Browning) who finds her musical aspirations crushed by the death of her guitarist and brother due to an overdose. Hayley begins to pick up the pieces and meets an eccentric new guitarist named Enzo (played by Xavier Samuel), who is a dedicated fan of her music. Despite her marriage and children, Hayley falls into an affair with Enzo, only to soon discover he has homicidal tendencies and will eliminate anyone in her life that tries to keep them apart. Brandon Jay McLaren appears in two scenes of the film as Butch Hopkins, a journalist who interviews Hayley on her return to music after her brother's death, and her decision to search for a new guitarist to replace him. Hayley tells him about how much her brother meant to her. Butch later crosses paths with Hayley's husband (played by Cam Gigandet) and children, giving her kudos on the interview and impending cover story.

 photo plush-bjm1_zps7dc5644a.jpg  photo plush-bjm2_zps5ea863a8.jpg
 photo plush-bjm3_zps46279e5f.jpg
 photo plush-bjm4_zpseb52dd6a.jpg  photo plush-bjm5_zpsf9c833dc.jpg
 photo plush-bjm6_zpsecb4790e.jpg
 photo plush-bjm7_zpse1c24e5e.jpg  photo plush-bjm8_zps19b3723a.jpg
 photo plush-bjm9_zpsc5d0055b.jpg
 photo plush-bjm10_zps0f371df3.jpg  photo plush-bjm11_zps0de9ef97.jpg
 photo plush-bjm12_zps0957ec46.jpg

"Plush" is available on DVD

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Najee De-Tiege on "Kickin' It" (2013)

Najee De-Tiege (Kevin, Samurai) appeared as an extra on the Disney XD series "Kickin' It." The martial arts series' third season episode, titled "New Girl," finds the Wasabi Warriors' sensei, Rudy, trying to impress a young martial arts champion so that she will join the dojo, bringing her notoriety to the place. His students arrive to discover some new, extremely good-looking students, which Rudy has hired from a martial arts modeling agency. De-Tiege appears as one of the models in the background of two scenes of the episode. He also appears in another scene, as a customer at Falafel Phil's a hangout inside the mall, frequented by the lead characters. Najee De-Tiege is the third PR alum to appear on the series, after Daniel Southworth and Vernon Wells. "Kickin' It" recently kicked off its fourth season.

 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt1_zpsc441e041.jpg  photo kickinit-3x14-ndt2_zpse787a74c.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt3_zps96600d7b.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt4_zps186fa06a.jpg  photo kickinit-3x14-ndt5_zps80e34234.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt6_zpsa1fffe78.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt7_zps9414b7a4.jpg  photo kickinit-3x14-ndt8_zps388a3723.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt9_zpse9bfa2ad.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt10_zps1b28b255.jpg  photo kickinit-3x14-ndt11_zps59eb17b9.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt12_zpsd4987452.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt13_zpsd884595c.jpg  photo kickinit-3x14-ndt14_zpsb7d6c987.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt15_zpsbd469f02.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt16_zpsf62d19de.jpg  photo kickinit-3x14-ndt17_zpsae876122.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x14-ndt18_zps9ec5d6e8.jpg

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Rose McIver on "Once Upon a Time" - 2 (2013)

Rose McIver (Summer, RPM) continued her recurring role on "Once Upon a Time," as her character, Tinker Bell discovers that Henry's family has very few concrete plans to rescue the boy. In the episode "Nasty Habits," she confronts them about their mission, demanding they have a plan for defeating the villainous Peter Pan, before she will help them locate his camp. Tinker Bell warns them that they don't know what they're dealing with and she refuses to help until they find an answer. The character disappears for a few episodes, but re-emerges in the seventh episode of the season, titled "Dark Hollow." Henry's grandparents, Snow White & Prince Charming go looking for Tinker Bell, as the group of heroes discover a way to trap Pan and allow their plans for rescuing Henry to come to fruition. Upon seeing her old friend, Baelfire alive and well, Tinker Bell agrees to assist the group and lead them to Peter Pan's camp in the hopes of freeing Henry from the villain's clutches. McIver only appears in one scene during both episodes.

Episode 3x4 - "Nasty Habits"

 photo ouat-3x4-rm1_zps6f30ebb6.jpg  photo ouat-3x4-rm2_zpsb6168508.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm3_zps8d9410c8.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm4_zps3e491a52.jpg  photo ouat-3x4-rm5_zps1eb5f73c.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm6_zps5cc56682.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm7_zps167b88d0.jpg  photo ouat-3x4-rm8_zps5674b4b8.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm9_zpsc23a528a.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm10_zps56e724f8.jpg  photo ouat-3x4-rm11_zps63a92d8f.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm12_zps0a73e086.jpg

Episode 3x7 - "Dark Hollow"

 photo ouat-3x7-rm1_zps7b25f63b.jpg  photo ouat-3x7-rm2_zps173ce41a.jpg
 photo ouat-3x7-rm3_zps1f737406.jpg
 photo ouat-3x7-rm4_zps75dbaa4c.jpg  photo ouat-3x7-rm5_zpsa96899e0.jpg
 photo ouat-3x7-rm6_zps74221ea7.jpg

Season 3 of "Once Upon a Time" airs on ABC

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