Friday, August 30, 2013

Richard Brancatisano on "Dance Academy" (2013)

Richard Brancatisano (Xander, Mystic Force) began a multi-episode stint on the Australian drama which follows the lives of a group of young dancers, navigating life's struggles while trying to make their performance dreams come true. Brancatisano made his debut in the sixth episode of the show's third season, currently airing in Australia. Brancatisano plays Rhys O'Leary, a popular actor who gets everyone excited upon his arrival at the Sydney National Dance Academy, as he and his team are looking to cast professional dancers for a film starring Rhys. Brancatisano appears in several scenes throughout the half-hour episode, as he deals with the starstruck dancers and apparently flirts with gay dancer, Ollie, who is happy to flirt back, despite a warning from his friend Abigail, who is looking to gain a role in the film. Rhys is present at Abigail's audition, but she is soon upstaged by another pal, who is just trying to help. The series stars Dena Kaplan & Jordan Rodrigues who can currently be seen on NBC's Summer series "Camp," starring another PR alum, Nikolai Nikolaeff.

 photo dancea-3x6-rb1_zps9cc1f41b.jpg
 photo dancea-3x6-rb2_zpscb52fcec.jpg  photo dancea-3x6-rb3_zpsafc3b687.jpg
 photo dancea-3x6-rb4_zps85e153a5.jpg
 photo dancea-3x6-rb5_zps2d7e24a8.jpg  photo dancea-3x6-rb6_zps0031b54d.jpg
 photo dancea-3x6-rb7_zps1eb82386.jpg
 photo dancea-3x6-rb8_zps11314997.jpg  photo dancea-3x6-rb9_zps061a25e7.jpg
 photo dancea-3x6-rb10_zps34491f1f.jpg
 photo dancea-3x6-rb11_zps001d46c3.jpg  photo dancea-3x6-rb12_zps776e4049.jpg
 photo dancea-3x6-rb13_zps9c70af84.jpg

Season 3 of "Dance Academy" currently airs on ABC3 (Australia)

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Adelaide Kane on "Teen Wolf" - 2 (2013)

Adelaide Kane (Tenaya, RPM) continued her recurring role on "Teen Wolf," during the fourth episode of the supernatural series' third season, titled "Unleashed." Her character, Cora, settles into the home of her brother, Derek (series star Tyler Hoechlin), and the two discuss the reasons behind their separation, as Derek tries to quell Cora's desire for revenge against her captors. They are interrupted, however, by the arrival of those captors, a pack of Alpha werewolves, who easily overwhelm them, brutally wounding Derek, as Cora is forced to watch. Derek is given an offer to become a member of their Alpha pack, but only if he kills the other members of his own pack, which he refuses. Cora is unable to lift a finger to help her brother and comes to his aide after the Alphas depart. She later eavesdrops on a conversation Derek has with Isaac, a member of his pack also living there. Cora hears Derek throw Isaac out, pushing him away, which troubles her.

 photo teenw-3x4-ak1_zps9c4b11a8.jpg  photo teenw-3x4-ak2_zps196e9ab7.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak3_zpsebd197f2.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak4_zpsb87f8573.jpg  photo teenw-3x4-ak5_zps6f0feef6.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak6_zps06018a08.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak7_zpsa9d7163e.jpg  photo teenw-3x4-ak8_zpsf1964807.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak9_zpsb5dfd6a3.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak10_zps2f638044.jpg  photo teenw-3x4-ak11_zpsdbfa3185.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak12_zpsb3f56e25.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak13_zps50e7599f.jpg  photo teenw-3x4-ak14_zps78a37d9b.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak15_zpsae5eb918.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak16_zpsbc2d3d9c.jpg  photo teenw-3x4-ak17_zps868e6d11.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak18_zps4a992053.jpg
 photo teenw-3x4-ak19_zps1a41ada8.jpg  photo teenw-3x4-ak20_zps19d9dc0f.jpg

Season 3 of "Teen Wolf" airs on MTV

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jack Guzman on "The Fosters" (2013)

Jack Guzman (Danny, Wild Force) made a brief appearance on the ABCFamily drama series "The Fosters." The series follows the lives of Stef Foster (played by Teri Polo) and Lena Adams (played by Sherri Saum), a lesbian couple, and the drama surrounding their growing family of biological, adopted and foster teens. Guzman appeared in the eighth episode of the season titled "Clean." Stef & Lena dine out and get into a disagreement outside the restaurant. Guzman plays the valet who brings Lena her car. After Lena drives away alone, Guzman's unnamed character reveals to Stef that Lena has left her to pay him for retrieving the car. Guzman had one brief line and appeared on-screen for only a few seconds.

 photo fosters-1x8-jg1_zps0c6d4d2a.jpg  photo fosters-1x8-jg2_zps115255a9.jpg
 photo fosters-1x8-jg3_zps34380355.jpg
 photo fosters-1x8-jg4_zps69963a3c.jpg  photo fosters-1x8-jg5_zpsc59624d8.jpg

"The Fosters" airs on ABCFamily

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jason David Frank on "Heroes of Cosplay" (2013)

"Heroes of Cosplay" is a new reality series following the lives of artists who compete in cosplay competitions, showing off their imaginative creations with the hopes of advancing their businesses and brands with cosplay as their profession. The first episode focuses on the competition at 2013's Wizard World - Portland. The opening montage features a Green Ranger sighting, but later in the episode Jason David Frank (Tommy, MMPR-Dino Thunder) himself makes an appearance. Frank is one of the judges of the Wizard World convention cosplay competition, alongside one of the reality series' stars, "Ambassador of Cosplay," Yaya Han, and comic book writer Jesse Snider. Frank appears throughout the last half of the episode, as the judges interact with contestants, asking them questions about their costumes. After deliberation, Frank helps to announce the honorable mention awards, one of which is won by Becky, who mentions earlier that she's excited to see the former Power Ranger on the judging panel due to his ability to embody a character through costume, which is her specialty.

 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf1_zpsfa3d8cf0.jpg  photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf2_zpsa9f23649.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf3_zpsa7bcc523.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf4_zps3d4a4668.jpg  photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf5_zps77258871.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf6_zps6bad1131.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf7_zps5ec9720f.jpg  photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf8_zpsb1432eef.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf9_zps8d8a5ce9.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf10_zps15e27480.jpg  photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf11_zps60c4a944.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf12_zpsc6007d17.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf13_zpsf052fcef.jpg  photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf14_zpsce599bf0.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf15_zps51309c5e.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf16_zps616dd45a.jpg  photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf17_zpsd3e8e3aa.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf18_zps75e0410e.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf19_zpsd6dd00f7.jpg  photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf20_zps411ea7e0.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf21_zpsc32f96f3.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf22_zpsa57739f1.jpg  photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf23_zps8cb24472.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf24_zps34661ed2.jpg
 photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf25_zps22f41f1d.jpg  photo hocosplay-1x1-jdf26_zps0be041bf.jpg

"Heroes of Cosplay" currently airs on SYFY

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