Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nakia Burrise on "Nash Bridges" (1998)

The year after her Ranger career ended, Nakia Burrise (Tanya, Zeo-Turbo) guest starred in a small role on the cop drama "Nash Bridges," during that show's third season. Burrise played a boutique clerk in the episode titled "Lady Killer." Burrise appears in one extended sequence opposite series star Cheech Marin, who played Detective Joe Dominguez. The detective comes into the boutique on the trail of an identity thief who stole his credit card and has been using it all over town. Dominguez questions Burrise's character and she remembers Joe very well, given his suave nature. When Joe tells her that he's the real Joe Dominguez, she refuses to believe that could be possible, given his harsh personality. When he presses her for information and a description of the identity thief, she claims that she doesn't remember, giving him nothing to go on.

Season 3 of "Nash Bridges" is available on DVD

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