Monday, September 10, 2012

Paul Freeman on "Strike Back" (2012)

Mighty Morphin movie villain Paul Freeman (Ivan Ooze, MMPR: The Movie) made a major guest appearance on the latest episode of the action thriller "Strike Back," which follows two highly-trained intelligence agents who take on dangerous cases all over the globe, as members of Section 20. Freeman appeared in the sixth episode of the third season, playing Peter Evans, a man who arrives in South Africa under strange circumstances, since Section 20 is investigating the abduction of his daughter & grandson. When they learn Peter is set to meet the man responsible for the abduction, Section 20 steps in, taking Peter into custody before the abductors can. What they don't realize is a group of assassins have also targeted Peter. They soon learn that Peter was born in South Africa, where he acted as a munitions scientist before going into exile to protect himself. Now, someone is looking to make him cooperate with their work to rebuild some major weapons of mass destruction. Keeping Peter safe becomes even tougher when Section 20 agent, Michael Stonebridge discovers that one of the men in the abduction team is his wife's killer. He leaves Peter alone to confront him, which puts Peter in the direct path of danger, as the episode ends. Given his large role, a full zip of Freeman's screencaps are available below. "Strike Back" is produced in Europe, though it also airs in the U.S.


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Season 3 of "Strike Back" currently airs on Cinemax

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