Saturday, March 17, 2012

Firass Dirani on "The Straits" (2012)

Firass Dirani (Nick/Bowen, Mystic Force) embarked on a new role for the Australian primetime drama, "The Straits." The series follows the lives of the Montebello family, modern day drug smugglers whose family business brings wealth, danger and tests their bonds. Parents, Harry and Kitty keep tight control of their four adopted children and the first episode of the series finds Harry (series star Brian Cox) making drastic changes to their children's roles in his business, without consulting his wife. Dirani stars as Gary Montebello, the youngest of the children, who acts mostly as a wheel-man, providing transportation for the family's business dealings. Gary also develops a problem that annoys his father, as he can't seem to stop himself from sampling the drugs. When Harry announces that Gary will take over his older brother's job, which will force him to spend most of his time away from the finished product, he is not happy. The following caps come from the first episode, titled "The Proposition."

"The Straits" is currently airing in Australia

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