Friday, June 24, 2011

Michelle Langstone on "The Almighty Johnsons" (2011)

"The Almighty Johnsons" follows a family of brothers, who are descendants of Norse gods. In the first episode, titled "It's a Kind of Birthday Present," the youngest of the Johnson clan, Axl, learns of his family's heritage and the ceremony that will turn him into a god as well. A mysterious group of females, however, sets out to kill him. Though their leader orders their efforts to be stopped after Axl receives his power, Michelle Langstone's (Kat, SPD) character, also named Michele, decides to go after him anyway. She arrives at Axl's party, dressed in costume. She flirts with him, luring him out of the house and away from his brothers. Michele attempts to kill him with an arrow. Though she misses her first shot, she scores a direct hit with the second. The arrow through the heart inadvertantly helps complete the prophecy that Axl has become the powerful god, Odin. Despite being told by her female comrades about the prophecy, Michele's fierce attitude comes out, showing she is unafraid of going up against the Johnsons again. "The Almighty Johnsons" also stars PR voice actor, Jared Turner (voice of Whiger, Jungle Fury).

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