Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adelaide Kane on "Neighbours" - 6 (2007)

Adelaide Kane (Tenaya, RPM) continued her role on "Neighbours" in Episode #5204 of the Aussie soap. Kane appeared as Lolly Allen in the episode titled "Heart Rubbish Collection," where she found herself torn after seeing Tom & Susan share a kiss. Lolly is friends with Susan's kids, Rachel & Zeke and wonders if she should tell them. When she does reveal the truth, she finds herself ostracized because no one believes her. After speaking with his mother, Zeke feels better about his parents' marital problems but finds Lolly still feeling down. She apologizes but promises him that she's telling the truth. Zeke is happy to forgive her. When Lolly sees his affections for another girl have been spurned, she gives him a kiss on the cheek which makes him feel better as well. As we've seen on the blog, the two would later become romantically involved.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Michelle Langstone on "McLeod's Daughters" - 15 (2006)

Michelle Langstone (Kat, SPD) continued her recurring role on "McLeod's Daughters" in the sixth season episode "Days of Reckoning." Her character, Fiona Webb Ryan, is stunned when her husband Alex returns early from his time in Argentina. Alex is glad to see Fiona, but not to see his stepmother, Sandra, has moved back onto his family's property. Sandra claims that Alex's father was planning to reconcile with her before his death and Fiona is forced to back her up, thanks to Sandra's blackmail about Fiona's fake pregnancy. When Alex begins showering her with gifts, including clothes for the baby, Fiona feels her back against the wall. She manages to fool Alex into believing she's had a miscarriage, but Sandra makes it clear she will tell Alex there was no baby at all, if Fiona doesn't help her solidify her position in the household. Alex demands Fiona see a doctor and she finally tells him about her condition that will prevent her from having another baby. She, however, doesn't tell him that she knew that before they got married.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Michael O'Laskey II in "The Sensei" (2008)

Michael O'Laskey II (Young Rocky, MMPR) played a starring role in the independent martial arts drama "The Sensei." The story revolves around a gay teen, McClain Evans (played by O'Laskey) who is ostracized and ultimately beaten by classmates in the 1980s as the AIDS epidemic is becoming more publicized. McClain finds the drive and will to stand up for himself when he takes up martial arts, under a female Sensei, Karen O'Neil (played by the film's writer & director Diana Lee Inosanto) who is ostracized herself because of her gender. Her male-dominated family's martial arts business rejects McClain because of his sexuality. As McClain overcomes the prejudice in his town and finally fights back against his tormentors, he must confront AIDS head-on when he learns that Karen was infected by her husband. McClain stays by her side as her family learns to accept her, despite the tragedy. She receives her black belt shortly before her death and McClain receives true vindication as he finds courage, true friends and successfully moves on with his life.

"The Sensei" is available on DVD

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Nikolai Nikolaeff on "Sea Patrol" - 9 (2009)

Nikolai Nikolaeff's (Dominic, Jungle Fury) starring role on the Australian drama "Sea Patrol" continued in the tenth episode of the show's third season. He reprised his role as Leo '2 Dads' Kosov-Meyer in the episode "Safeguard." The HMS Hammersley finds itself on the trail of a group of smugglers who discharge mines near the ship to make their escape. If that wasn't complicated enough, the crew is also forced into specialized training exercises with a headstrong female officer. '2 Dads' instantly finds himself on her bad side with his sarcastic comments. When she punishes him more than the other crew members he wants to get back at her. But he soon discovers that she's the ex-girlfriend of his fellow crew mate Buffer, who has never been his biggest fan. '2 Dads' refocuses on his job and helps the crew track down the smugglers. A full zip of Nikolai Nikolaeff's screencaps is available below.

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