Friday, May 2, 2014

Kimberley Crossman on "Step Dave" (2014)

Kimberley Crossman (Lauren, Samurai) appeared on the New Zealand series "Step Dave" earlier this year. The comedic drama tells the story of a young womanizing bartender, Dave, who meets and falls in love with a woman, Cara, only to discover that she's 15 years older than he is, and a divorced mother with three kids. The first episode, titled "Starry Eyed" finds Dave trying to avoid one of his flings, the clingy Stacey, played by Kimberley Crossman. Stacey shows up at Dave's job, informing him that she's discovered he slept with one of her co-workers. Stacey throws a fit, and a drink on Dave, embarrassing him. The event leads to his chance encounter with Cara. Stacey later tries to use Dave's best friend, Azza, to make Dave jealous, but he only fears for Azza getting involved with the unbalanced Stacey. Azza soon understands as Stacey fast tracks their relationship, until she sees him with a co-worker that he has a real crush on. Dave is forced by his boss to console Stacey as she cries at the bar. His attempts to comfort her make him realize his real interest in Cara and he runs off to find her, leaving Stacey disappointed, until she strikes up a conversation with a new man.

 photo stepdave-1x1-kc1_zpse0b436fa.jpg  photo stepdave-1x1-kc2_zpsc8196139.jpg
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 photo stepdave-1x1-kc10_zps37d629be.jpg  photo stepdave-1x1-kc11_zps9bf794a7.jpg
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