Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rene Naufahu in "The Legend of Johnny Lingo" (2003)

Two years before he became SPD's resident bad guy, Rene Naufahu (Emperor Gruumm, SPD) appeared in the New Zealand family film "The Legend of Johnny Lingo." The film tells the story of a baby boy who washes up on a South Pacific Island and is taken in by the native people, only to be turned away after several accidental mishaps. The boy is exiled and taken in by Johnny Lingo. As an adult, he returns to the island, assuming Lingo's identity and looking for a bride, while confronting his past. Naufahu portrays Sali, the islander who first discovers the baby and later takes him in, until a fire almost kills his own child, leading him to disown the boy.

"The Legend of Johnny Lingo" is available on DVD

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