Friday, April 16, 2010

Firass Dirani on "Underbelly: The Golden Mile" (2010)

Firass Dirani (Nick, Mystic Force) stars on the new season of the Australian drama "Underbelly." Dirani made his debut as John Ibrahim on the series this week. The first two episodes "Into the Mystic" and "The Crucible" introduce young John as a boy with big dreams who has no time for school. He tags along with his much-older crew who are like brothers, that are deeply involved in the organized crime scene in an area called King's Cross. John is instantly intrigued and sees the potential to make his own fortune on that street, known as The Golden Mile. He begins making friends in high places and when he tries to show his strength on the street, he is almost fatally-wounded in a knife attack which leaves his chest bearing a notable scar. Surviving the attack leaves John more popular in King's Cross and he's soon collecting money for the men in charge of the organized crime scene and making his own connections along the way. His first big move is procuring enough money to buy the popular nightclub in King's Cross called The Tunnel. Firass Dirani follows fellow PR alums Anna Hutchison, Ria Vandervis and Gareth Yuen, who have all appeared on previous seasons of "Underbelly."

"Underbelly: The Golden Mile" is currently airing (Australia)

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