Friday, October 3, 2008

Hilary Shepard Turner on "The Golden Girls" (1989)

Hilary Shepard Turner (Divatox, Turbo-Space) made a guest appearance on the classic sitcom "The Golden Girls" during the show's fourth season. Turner appeared as Yvonne, a perky fitness instructor who tries to swindle the golden girls into buying as much exercise gear as she possibly can, when the trio decide to get in shape for Spring. Her character also teaches an aerobics class, but injures herself before the class can get very far. She appears in two extended scenes of the episode titled "Rites of Spring."

Season 4 of "The Golden Girls" is available on DVD

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Dwayne Cameron, Antonia Prebble & Beth Allen on "The Tribe" - 13 (1999)

Episode 43 of "The Tribe" features the show's two lead actors in peril. Dwayne Cameron (Tyzonn, Overdrive) and Beth Allen (Vella, Overdrive) find their characters of Bray & Amber on Hope Island, seeking the antidote to the virus that killed all of the adults in their world, as the virus has once again appeared, now causing kids to rapidly age and die. The two are trapped in a laboratory, where they uncover even more information about the virus, along with their fellow Mallrats, Dal & Lex. Ultimately, they short out the facility's power, allowing them to escape the automated lockdown. After returning to the mall, they wonder if the substance they found is the actual antidote, as more of their friends become sick. In the face of possible death, the two reveal their feelings for one another and share their first kiss. Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force) continues her role as Trudy. With the others away from the mall, Trudy tries to help keep things going back at the mall, as illness strikes inside the mall, leaving the Mallrats to wonder how long they have to survive.

Dwayne Cameron

Antonia Prebble

Beth Allen

Season 1 of "The Tribe" is available on DVD (Non-US)

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Sandra McCoy in "Crash Landing" (2005)

Wild Force actress Sandra McCoy (Kendall, Wild Force) played a supporting role in this 2005 action film. The film centers on a military major (played by Antonio Sabato Jr.) who has a history of problems as a pilot, as he takes a job protecting the daughter of a billionaire during her private flight to vacation with her friends. The flight gets hijacked in an attempt to take her hostage, leaving Major Masters to not only save her, but also land the plane after the pilots are shot. McCoy appears as Melanie, a close friend of the spoiled heiress and appears in several scenes. Her character survives the hijacking and is the person who rallies the other teenagers to do something to stop the hijackers.

"Crash Landing" is available on DVD

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