Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Richard Brancatisano & Adam Tuominen on "Underbelly: Razor" (2011)

2011 brought a brand new series of the Australian crime drama "Underbelly." Richard Brancatisano (Xander, Mystic Force) followed in the footsteps of his Mystic Force co-star Firass Dirani, as he took on a starring role on the fourth series, titled "Underbelly: Razor." The series followed the criminal activity surrounding a group of strong women during a turbulent period during the late 1920's. Brancatisano makes his first appearance in the second episode, titled "Whips and Scorpions," where his character, Guido Caletti, meets the beautiful young Nellie Cameron who visits his fruit stand, where she witnesses his skills with a knife. Her suitor, Norman, however, isn't a fan, especially when Guido continually turns up in their lives, openly flirting with Nellie. Norman himself turns out to be a man with an intense temper towards those that wrong him. He puts together one of the first razor gangs, men who only employee blades to commit their attacks. One of the men recruited by Norman is Jack Hayes, an explosives expert, played by Adam Tuominen (Hunter, Ninja Storm). Tuominen embarks on a recurring role on the series, as he commits several crimes for Norman's cause. After a razor attack by one of the other members of their group, Guido finds himself accused of the crime, due to his affinity for knives. The second episode ends with Norman leading a vicious attack on one of his enemies, ordering Jack to make the first cut on the man. Given their major roles, zip files for both actors are available below the preview pics.

Richard Brancatisano

Adam Tuominen

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