Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brandon Jay McLaren on "Harper's Island" - 10 (2009)

Brandon Jay McLaren's (Jack, SPD) role on "Harper's Island" continued in the show's tenth episode titled, "Snap." McLaren's character, Danny Brooks, continues to elude the island's serial killer, along with his friends. Realizing that help may be on the way, the group heads to the marina, only to discover that the state troopers who could have helped are already dead. A series of blasts on the docks leave the survivors scrambling for shelter. They take refuge in the local bar, but soon enough one of them is picked off once again. Still armed, Danny tries his best to protect those inside, as the mystery continues to unfold and more clues seem to lead to his friend Abby's father, the island's sheriff. But when Abby confronts her father, she learns that her father isn't responsible. He's killed and the killer's identity is finally revealed to be John Wakefield, the man who murdered Abby's mother years before, after fathering her secret love child. Danny & Henry (the groom) arrive in time to make sure Abby doesn't become Wakefield's next victim.

"Harper's Island" is available on DVD

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