Monday, September 7, 2009

Brandon Jay McLaren on "Harper's Island" - 6 (2009)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) continued his role on the mystery drama "Harper's Island" in the sixth episode of the series titled "Sploosh." After the horrific death of Thomas Wellington during the wedding rehearsal in the previous episode, the entire wedding party is stunned and the festivities are on hold. McLaren reprises his role as Danny Brooks, one of the groom's close friends. While the wedding party is being questioned by Sheriff Mills, Danny and his buddies are still worried about their friend Booth who seems to have disappeared with the bag of money they found several episodes before. They find themselves trying to keep that secret while everyone falls under the sheriff's suspicion in the death of Wellington, including Wellington's son-in-law Richard whose affair with his wife is revealed. Richard isn't the culprit, though, as he's killed at the end of this episode. "Harper's Island" full series is scheduled to be released on DVD tomorrow.

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