Monday, September 7, 2009

Paul Freeman on "Hotel Babylon" (2008)

Paul Freeman (Ivan Ooze, MMPR: The Movie) appeared on "Hotel Babylon" in the first episode of the UK drama's third season. Freeman appeared as fashion mogul Christopher Price, who has chosen Hotel Babylon as the setting for his new fashion show where he plans to unveil his collection. Price pumps huge amounts of money into the hotel accounts for their services and this has hotel manager Charlie Edwards very happy. But when the staff discovers that the clothing is being manufactured in sweatshops, Charlie is faced with a grave conflict. Does he put the hotel's money needs above doing what he believes is morally right? In the end, the choice is made and the staff makes sure Price's dirty practices are unveiled at the fashion show, instead of his new line. Price leaves the hotel in disgrace. Freeman appeared in several scenes of the episode. Paul Freeman is the second PR alum featured on the blog for appearing on "Hotel Babylon." Samuell Benta was previously posted.

Series 3 of "Hotel Babylon" is available on DVD

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