Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cerina Vincent in "Skypemare" (2013) - Short Film

There's no better day than Halloween to showcase Cerina Vincent's latest short film, titled "Skypemare." Vincent (Maya, Lost Galaxy) increases her horror resume with this cautionary tale centering around her character, Alison, who is facing her favorite holiday, Halloween, with heartbreak after a romantic break-up. She is comforted by her best friend Jenna over the computer. With news of an escaped psycho playing on the news, Alison finds it hard to concentrate on their conversation, until she notices a shadow lurking in the background behind Jenna. She informs her friend, only to be horrified when Jenna is attacked. Alison phones the police, as she begins to receive photos and video, showing the horrors being inflicted on her friend. When she opens a video clip, she sees the gloved killer locating her contact information on Jenna's cellphone, including Alison's address. Alison freaks out and goes for the nearest knife, after seeing Jenna dead in a bathtub on her computer. Alison arms herself, but trips and falls, causing her to be impaled with the knife. It's at that moment that Jenna reveals she's only playing a prank on Alison, with the help of her boyfriend. Alison gasps for breath, unable to reach her phone, as the film ends. A full zip of Cerina Vincent's screencaps are available below.

 photo skypem-cv3_zps83a6a20f.jpg  photo skypem-cv6_zpsa88df0cd.jpg
 photo skypem-cv10_zps11983bc4.jpg
 photo skypem-cv15_zpsb47a77bb.jpg  photo skypem-cv17_zpsee4ec3ec.jpg
 photo skypem-cv20_zpsacdbafa6.jpg
 photo skypem-cv23_zpsc8c81471.jpg  photo skypem-cv25_zps47a90e33.jpg
 photo skypem-cv28_zps578d526d.jpg
 photo skypem-cv30_zps0e45de81.jpg  photo skypem-cv31_zps5ccb7d3f.jpg
 photo skypem-cv32_zps33a6389e.jpg
 photo skypem-cv33_zps78c412da.jpg  photo skypem-cv35_zpsd41fda99.jpg
 photo skypem-cv36_zpsefa30825.jpg

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