Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cerina Vincent & Sandra McCoy in "Toxic" (2008)

Cerina Vincent (Maya, Lost Galaxy) appears in the 2008 thriller "Toxic." The film tells the story of an escaped mental patient who goes on a rampage, after being attacked the year before. The action surrounds a gentleman's club known as Toxic. The story takes place in two separate time frames (a year apart). In the past, the club is run by Angel (played by rapper Master P). Vincent appears in the film as Angel's girl, Malvi who lives in an apartment above the club. When Angel brings home Lucille (the unbalanced girl), he forces Malvi to protect her as he goes after the men who attacked her. Malvi accidentally kills Angel when he returns, not realizing who he is. Also appearing in the film's past sequence is Wild Force guest star, Sandra McCoy (Kendall, Wild Force). McCoy appears in a few scenes as Jaymee, one of Angel's employees at Toxic, who helps keep the customers happy. It's a small role and she has only a few lines.

Cerina Vincent

Sandra McCoy

"Toxic" is available on DVD

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