Friday, July 29, 2011

Nic Sampson & Rod Lousich in "The Warrior's Way" (2010)

Filmed in New Zealand, "The Warrior's Way" tells the story of a ninja assassin, Yang, who refuses to complete his final mission to kill the last remaining survivor of his rival clan (an infant girl). He takes refuge with the child in a western town, populated by a rundown carnival group. Once there, he assists the carnies in fending off a maniac who terrorizes them, along with his army. PR alums Nic Sampson (Chip, Mystic Force; voice of Sentinel Knight, Overdrive) and Rod Lousich (Andrew Hartford, Overdrive) both appear throughout the movie as members of the carnival. Sampson's character, Pug, is part of a trio of young troublemakers who torment Yang upon his arrival in the town. Although the boys insult and play pranks on him, by the time the final battle comes along, they stand with him to fend off the attack. Pug is at Yang's side when the army arrives, but gets scared at the last moment and runs off. Rod Lousich appears as Craig, another of the carnies who is good with explosives and guns. While he has no lines in the movie, he appears in several group scenes with a scarred face. Both Craig & Pug manage to survive the huge battle finale, which claims the lives of most of the carnies. Neither are referred to by name in the film.

Nic Sampson

Deleted Scenes

Rod Lousich

"The Warrior's Way" is available on DVD

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