Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Commercial - Hector David Jr. for "Nerf"

Hector David Jr. (Mike, Samurai) can be seen currently appearing in advertisements for the new Nerf N-Strike Elite line of toy guns. Hector appears briefly in a few different commercials advertising the toys. He can be seen on-screen showing off the new N-Strike Elite Retaliator blaster, which allows users to shoot Nerf darts up to 75 feet. Each of the advertisements run between 30-35 seconds. Hector David Jr. can also be seen in the extended trailer for the blasters, which is hosted by Sport Science creator, John Brenkis. The extended trailer can be seen on Youtube. Hector David Jr. appears with a group of other actors in the advertisements. None of the actors have any lines. The screencaps below were compiled from several different versions of the Nerf N-Strike ads. Most only feature the former Green Ranger for a few seconds.


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