Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jack Guzman on "Scandal" (2012)

Former Black Ranger, Jack Guzman (Danny, Wild Force) made a brief cameo on the ABC political drama "Scandal," in the fourth episode of the second season, titled "Beltway Unbuckled." The episode centers around political "fixer" Olivia Pope taking on the case of a murdered young woman, who's killer happens to be a foreign politician, who is given immunity from the crime. When Olivia has the parents camp out in front of the White House to put pressure on the president to fight for justice for their daughter, the First Lady, Mellie Grant, steps in to make a public statement of support for the family as she feels sidelined within the political agenda of her husband. Jack Guzman appears as one of the First Lady's Secret Service agents who accompanies her when she meets with the victim's parents. Guzman was credited for his appearance, though he has no lines and appears on-screen for only a few seconds, mostly in the background. This could mean he appeared in another scene which was cut from the episode.


Season 2 of "Scandal" currently airs on ABC

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