Monday, April 2, 2012

Steven Skyler on "Glee" - 3 (2011)

After two appearances during the second season of "Glee," Steven Skyler (Antonio, Samurai) returned for Season 3, making his first appearance of the current season in the fifth episode, titled "The First Time." His unnamed high school character is a student at Dalton Academy and a member of The Warblers, the acappella show choir rivals of the series' main characters, the New Directions from McKinley High. While Skyler doesn't have any lines in the episode, he does get quite a bit of time in front of the camera early in the episode, as The Warblers perform the rock classic "Uptown Girl," just as their former star member and friend Blaine Anderson pays a visit. Steven Skyler appears throughout the one extended scene, mostly in the background. Despite Blaine's invitation to all of The Warblers to come see his performance in the McKinley High School's musical, Skyler's character is not amongst those in attendance later in the episode.

Season 3 of "Glee" airs on FOX

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