Monday, December 8, 2008

Dwayne Cameron & Antonia Prebble on "The Tribe" (2000)

Series 3 of "The Tribe" finds the Mallrats divided, as the villainous tribe known as The Chosen have taken over their city. Dwayne Cameron (Tyzonn, Overdrive) continues his role as Bray, the Mallrats' leader and champion who begins the episode injured from the attack by The Chosen. He is rescued by his former rivals, Lex & Ebony and the trio teams up to figure out how to free the city from the oppression of The Chosen. As for his co-star Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force), her character Trudy betrayed the Mallrats during Series 2 and joined The Chosen to become their Supreme Mother. The Chosen worship the memory of Bray's brother Zoot, who was the father of Trudy's child, giving her a respected place within the Chosen's hierarchy at the side of The Chosen's leader, The Guardian. While Trudy appears remorseful at times, she is harsh when faced with her former friends now her prisoners within the mall. Both Cameron & Prebble appear throughout the episode.

Dwayne Cameron

Antonia Prebble

Season 3 of "The Tribe" is available on DVD (Non-US)

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Latham Gaines & Jon Brazier on "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1996)

Latham Gaines (Dr. Anton Mercer/Mesogog, Dino Thunder) guest starred in the 1996 holiday episode of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys." In the episode titled "A Star to Guide Them," Hercules' pal Iolaus has a vision drawing him north. He & Hercules later cross paths with two other men who have the same vision. Along the way, they try to stop the violent plans of King Polonius & Queen Maliphone, who learn of a prophecy that states a newborn baby will one day reign over his kingdom. The overbearing queen refuses to allow it to come to pass and orders their army to round up all women with newborn children to be killed. Gaines appears as the captain of their guard. He appears in several scenes throughout the episode. Jon Brazier (Oracle, Mystic Force) plays a major role in the episode as Trinculos, a former thief who shares Iolaus' vision. Despite his selfish nature, he helps the heroes stop the king & queen's tyranny. The ending of the episode suggests that Iolaus, Trinculos and Uris were led to the north to witness the birth of Jesus as the three Wise Men.

Latham Gaines

Jon Brazier

Season 3 of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" is available on DVD

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Hilary Shepard Turner on "Crossing Jordan" (2002)

Turbo Villainess Hilary Shepard Turner (Divatox, Turbo-Space) played a small role on the crime drama "Crossing Jordan," during the show's very first season. Turner appeared in the episode "With Honor," where investigator Garret Macy looks into the case of a dead pimp. Turner appears in a few scenes as Trudi, one of the dead pimp's ladies who slides into the good graces of his rival who is responsible for his death. Turner has only a few lines over the course of two scenes. Turner is the third PR actor featured on the blog for appearing on "Crossing Jordan," after the previously posted Phillip Jeanmarie & Karim Prince.

Season 1 of "Crossing Jordan" is available on DVD

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Nicholas Bell in "Charlotte's Web" (2006)

Nicholas Bell (Zordon, MMPR: The Movie) played a supporting role in the 2006 live action adaptation of the children's classic "Charlotte's Web." Bell appears in several scenes of the film as Minister Beecher, the town pastor who is called upon to examine the miracle spider web that features real words, spun by the spider Charlotte, in an effort to help her friend Wilber, the pig get noticed so he is not slaughtered for food. Bell isn't the only PR alum amongst the cast. Wild Force guest star Dominic Scott Kay (Scotty, Wild Force) lends his voice to the starring pig Wilbur.

"Charlotte's Web" is available on DVD

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