Sunday, June 17, 2007

Firass Dirani in "Pitch Black" (2000)

Six years before he took on the role of "The Light," Firass Dirani (Nick, Mystic Force) portrayed young Ali in the big screen thriller "Pitch Black." Ali is stranded along with 9 other survivors of a spaceship which crashes on a desert world, where the planet's flesh-eating creatures turn their attentions on the survivors. Ali, the youngest of the group is amongst the first to be killed when he wanders away from the group. Firass Dirani is the first Mystic Force Ranger to be featured on the blog.

"Pitch Black" is available on DVD

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Ilia Volok in "U Turn" (1997)

Ilia Volok (Master Org, Wild Force) appeared in the 1997 film "U Turn" where he played Sergei a man of Russian descent who pursues Sean Penn who owes him a major debt. Penn's car breaks down in a strange town, where he's hired to kill a man's wife for cheating, but doesn't realize that the woman he's supposed to kill is his new love affair. Volok appears in several scenes of the film until his character is arrested by the town's sheriff.

"U Turn" is available on DVD

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Miriama Smith & Pua Magasiva in "The Other Side of Heaven" (2001)

In the 2001 film, based on a true story, John Groberg becomes a missionary who travels to the remote Tongan islands in the 1950's where he lives life and becomes a member of the community. Miriama Smith (Elsa, Dino Thunder) appears in the film as Lavania, a member of the village who takes an interest in John, who turns down her advances in favor of the love he left behind in America. The two become close friends instead. Also appearing in the film is Pua Magasiva (Shane, Ninja Storm), who portrays another member of the Tongan village who befriends John. Magasiva portrays Finau, who meets a tragic end which changes John's life. Smith & Magasiva appeared together again in the Dino Thunder episodes "Thunder Storm, Parts 1 and 2"

Miriama Smith

Pua Magasiva

"The Other Side of Heaven" is available on DVD

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