Saturday, August 24, 2013

Adelaide Kane on "Teen Wolf" - 2 (2013)

Adelaide Kane (Tenaya, RPM) continued her recurring role on "Teen Wolf," during the fourth episode of the supernatural series' third season, titled "Unleashed." Her character, Cora, settles into the home of her brother, Derek (series star Tyler Hoechlin), and the two discuss the reasons behind their separation, as Derek tries to quell Cora's desire for revenge against her captors. They are interrupted, however, by the arrival of those captors, a pack of Alpha werewolves, who easily overwhelm them, brutally wounding Derek, as Cora is forced to watch. Derek is given an offer to become a member of their Alpha pack, but only if he kills the other members of his own pack, which he refuses. Cora is unable to lift a finger to help her brother and comes to his aide after the Alphas depart. She later eavesdrops on a conversation Derek has with Isaac, a member of his pack also living there. Cora hears Derek throw Isaac out, pushing him away, which troubles her.

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Season 3 of "Teen Wolf" airs on MTV

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