Monday, June 7, 2010

Brandon Jay McLaren in "Hard Ride to Hell" (2010)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) starred in the recent, direct-to-video horror flick "Hard Ride to Hell." Filmed in McLaren's home country of Canada, the film revolves around a group of traveling friends who find themselves entangled in the ceremonial tortures of a gang of devil-worshipping bikers, looking to bring the demon's spawn into the world. McLaren plays one of the friends, Dirk, a journalist who enjoys drinking heavily in his spare time. When he gets lost in the woods after the group makes camp, Dirk stumbles onto the bikers' fire ritual. Dirk tries to record the event when he sees the bikers sacrificing a group of young women. The villains are alerted to his presence and chase him back to the campground where his friends are attacked along with him. Dirk's arm gets chopped off but he manages to escape from the gang with his friends in their RV. When the bikers track down the group on the road, they use a grappling hook to rip open the door. Dirk's leg gets hooked next and he's pulled from the vehicle and killed. A full zip of McLaren's screencaps is available to download below.

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"Hard Ride to Hell" is available on DVD

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