Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ron Roggé on "That '70s Show" - 2 (2005)

Ron Roggé's (Captain Mitchell, Lightspeed) second guest appearance on the hit comedy "That '70s Show" came two years after his brief appearance as a mugger. In the seventh season episode, titled "Street Fighting Man," Roggé appears as an unnamed Green Bay Packers fan, who interacts with the gang when they attend a football game. His character appears throughout the episode, seated just behind main character Eric Forman (played by Topher Grace) and his father, Red. Roggé can be seen cheering for the Packers when they score a goal and when Jackie (played by Mila Kunis) tries to make her ex-boyfriend, Hyde, jealous, Roggé's character steps in to flirt with her, but is only met with her disgust. When Red gives Eric money to buy a jersey, he shocks all in attendance by returning with a Chicago Bears jersey, instantly turning the crowd against him. Roggé's character happily insults Eric, along with his own father, but when his taunting gets out of hand and he insults Red as well, Eric picks a fight with him, shocking his father who watches with delight, seeing his son be a man. Ron Roggé is credited as "Crazy Fan."

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Season 7 of "That '70s Show" is available on DVD

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