Thursday, November 1, 2007

Amy Jo Johnson in "Susie Q" (1996)

Amy Jo Johnson's (Kimberly, MMPR) first gig after leaving Power Rangers reunited her with PR producers Doug Sloan & Shuki Levy, who wrote the television movie "Susie Q." Johnson stars as Susie, a teenaged girl who gets killed in a car wreck on the way to the prom with her boyfriend, only to return as a ghost 30 years later. In the present, Susie meets Zach Sands (Justin Whalen) who helps her figure out how her family lost everything after her death. Johnson has a starring role alongside Whalen & Shelley Long and appeared in almost every scene of the film.

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Anonymous said...

i ADORE this movie...i used to watch it every time it aired on Disney, but they haven't shown it in years!..and i can't find a copy online ANYWHERE...:O
way ruin my childhood disney!

Anonymous said...

I also ADORED Amy Jo Johnson in "Susie Q" (1996)... is there a way we can get a copy of the movie? I am so disapointed that I cannot find it anywhere.

DC said...

I'm not sure if the movie was ever released on video. The screencaps used here were graciously donated by someone who had the ability to take pics from a recording they made of the film when it aired on television.