Friday, September 6, 2013

Nic Sampson & Kelson Henderson in "Emperor" (2013)

The historic drama "Emperor" tells the story of General Bonner Fellers (played by Matthew Fox) who is tasked by General Douglas MacArthur (played by Tommy Lee Jones) to investigate the role of Japanese Emperor Hirohito in the instigation of World War II. With the war at its end, Fellers & MacArthur must decide on the fate of the Japanese emperor, while Fellers deals with his own personal quest to find a lost love who may not have survived the war's toll on Japan. Nic Sampson (Chip, Mystic Force) plays a supporting role in the film as a soldier known as Lieutenent Red. The young lieutenant is at Fellers' side a part of his investigative team upon their arrival in Japan. Sampson appears in several scenes of the film, as his character shows now affection for the Japanese, unlike Fellers. Also appearing in the film is Sampson's Mystic Force co-star Kelson Henderson (Phineas, Mystic Force). Henderson appears in several scenes as the Adjutant to General MacArthur. His unnamed character is often seen at MacArthur's side. His biggest moment comes when MacArthur orders him to pen a letter for Fellers to help him gain a pivotal meeting within the emperor's compound. "Emperor" was filmed in parts of Japan and New Zealand.

Nic Sampson

 photo emperor-ns1_zpseda0e9dc.jpg  photo emperor-ns2_zps3e6ff8bd.jpg
 photo emperor-ns3_zps4e866d8c.jpg
 photo emperor-ns4_zpsd8417f14.jpg  photo emperor-ns5_zps10fa3665.jpg
 photo emperor-ns6_zps4e9d0edb.jpg
 photo emperor-ns7_zpse0e02a82.jpg  photo emperor-ns8_zpseda08dff.jpg
 photo emperor-ns9_zps4b69f2af.jpg
 photo emperor-ns10_zps89ea003d.jpg  photo emperor-ns11_zps5e2d0150.jpg
 photo emperor-ns12_zps1b203ede.jpg
 photo emperor-ns13_zps7a78f65a.jpg  photo emperor-ns14_zps65707a8a.jpg

Kelson Henderson

 photo emperor-kh1_zps8caa9d8e.jpg
 photo emperor-kh2_zps083a3052.jpg  photo emperor-kh3_zps466c0fcf.jpg
 photo emperor-kh4_zpsa0aba696.jpg
 photo emperor-kh5_zpsc424b70c.jpg  photo emperor-kh6_zps00b4d661.jpg
 photo emperor-kh7_zpse5621103.jpg
 photo emperor-kh8_zpse78d5f92.jpg  photo emperor-kh9_zpsb7ac7177.jpg
 photo emperor-kh10_zpsa2b09d43.jpg
 photo emperor-kh11_zps260c5be5.jpg  photo emperor-kh12_zps168f6a2a.jpg
 photo emperor-kh13_zps8dc86941.jpg

"Emperor" is available on DVD

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