Saturday, May 11, 2013

Antonia Prebble on "The Blue Rose" (2013)

Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force) stars in the New Zealand drama "The Blue Rose." The series reunites Prebble with her "Outrageous Fortune" executive producer, Rachel Lang and co-star Siobhan Marshall. Prebble plays Jane March a temp secretary that takes an assignment at a prestigious law firm. Jane arrives to discover that Rose, the young woman whose job she's taking, died mysteriously. Jane soon begins to uncover odd dealings within the firm and teams up with Rose's best friend (played by Marshall) who believes that Rose may have been killed after learning some of the firm's secrets. A curious Jane discovers a zip drive of encrypted files, while also trying to avoid the firm's IT guy, who's odd behavior includes confiscating Rose's computer and cornering Jane in an alleyway, warning her to stop her suspicious activities around the office, which he's been spying on. As the star of the series, Antonia Prebble appears in virtually every scene of the first episode. A full zip of her screencaps is available to download below.

 photo bluerose-1x1-ap1_zps5b21eb88.jpg  photo bluerose-1x1-ap4_zpsd4deea80.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap8_zpsfabdc139.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap13_zpsb95ee32c.jpg  photo bluerose-1x1-ap16_zpse4610043.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap22_zps4fc8745b.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap30_zpsf00d18ee.jpg  photo bluerose-1x1-ap32_zps3ec99a87.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap37_zpsdfae7605.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap46_zps2f946d1d.jpg  photo bluerose-1x1-ap49_zpsc63a4014.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap55_zps3d225384.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap67_zpsd8b6c0b4.jpg  photo bluerose-1x1-ap70_zps1b8620fd.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap77_zps5dfa4105.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap82_zps4eba407e.jpg  photo bluerose-1x1-ap86_zps9f4bdb12.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap93_zps075e3628.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap96_zps458ee926.jpg  photo bluerose-1x1-ap101_zps5456aab4.jpg
 photo bluerose-1x1-ap104_zps9afa860d.jpg

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