Thursday, October 1, 2009

Erin Cahill & Keith Robinson on "Monk" (2009)

The eighth season "Monk" episode titled "Mr. Monk and the Critic" provides PR fans with appearances from two former Ranger actors. Former Pink Ranger Erin Cahill (Jen, Time Force) appears at the very beginning of the episode in the role of Callie Esterhaus, a young woman who opens her hotel room to happily welcome her unseen lover. Things go wrong though when the man proposes to Callie on the balcony and then promptly kills her after she accepts, tossing her off the balcony of the hotel. The eccentric detective Adrian Monk is on the case and when he arrives at the crime scene he's given a tour by an unnamed police officer played by former Green Ranger Keith Robinson (Joel, Lightspeed). Robinson's character has several lines during the extended scene where Mr. Monk gives him a lesson in analyzing the crime scene. This was Robinson's second appearance on "Monk." In his first episode titled "Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic," Robinson played an unnamed highway patrolman. None of the characters mention their previous meeting which probably means Robinson was portraying a new character. As for poor Callie, Monk's assistant Natalie figures out that the critic who panned her daughter's performance in a local play killed Callie whom he was having an affair with. The reason he labeled her daughter's performance as "forgettable" was because he snuck out during it to kill Callie. A full zip of Erin Cahill's screencaps is available to download below.

Erin Cahill

Keith Robinson

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Season 8 of "Monk" currently airs on USA Network

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Antonia Prebble & Pua Magasiva on "Outrageous Fortune" (2009)

The revolving door of PR guest stars on "Outrageous Fortune," which stars Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force), continues. In the fifth season episode "The Power to Charm," Pua Magasiva (Shane, Ninja Storm) makes his debut in the recurring role of Isaac Anesi, a new business colleague of Jethro West, the older brother of Prebble's character, Loretta. Magasiva appears in only one scene in this episode where he gets to share screentime with Prebble when their characters cross paths for the first time. Loretta finds Isaac & Jethro snorting cocaine in her office which she shares with her brother. She's curious as to who Isaac is and sets out to solve the mystery. She discovers that he organizes kickboxing matches but also has ties to some local, dangerous gangs who may want shares of Jethro's illegal drug trade. When she tries to get her brother to give up on this new business partnership, he accuses her of going soft thanks to her new boyfriend. When she learns her ex-boyfriend Hayden lied to her about the deal, she tosses him out of her life for good. And just as her personal life is going wonderfully with the straight-laced Graham, played by Nick Kemplen (voice of Osiris, Jungle Fury), Loretta dumps him as well, claiming he's too good for her. Loretta hopes to keep her hard edge while also declaring her independence from her brother and her ex. This episode was directed by RPM guest star Murray Keane (Benny, RPM).

Antonia Prebble

Pua Magasiva

Season 5 of "Outrageous Fortune" is currently airing (New Zealand)

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Donogh Rees on "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1995)

In a two-part episode, Hercules heads into new territory when he travels to Scandinavia in the episode "Norse by Norsevest," to help the Norse god Balder, who has dreamed of his own death and the tragic fall of his family. Villainess voice actress Donogh Rees (voice of Necrolai, Mystic Force) appears as Frigga, The wife of Odin and Balder's mother. Balder believes his two brothers, Thor and Loki will play crucial roles in the events ahead, but Hercules refuses to believe that fate will lead to their family's fall. Little do either of them know that Loki has been conspiring with a demon to gain the power of his ruling family, as he feels unappreciated by them. He sets into motion a plot that causes Hercules to inadvertently kill Balder and force his brother Thor to be banished. In the second episode "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge," Frigga feels powerless, along with her husband, as the events play out just as Balder had dreamed. Hercules sets out to stop Loki, but knows he will need Thor's help to overcome the demonic force that is fueling Loki's revenge. Loki's menacing tactics end up killing his parents, as he freezes their temple causing both Frigga & Odin to succumb to the frozen temperatures. Of course, in the end, Hercules is victorious and sets things right. These 2 episodes were directed by PR voice actor Michael Hurst (voice of Vexacus, Ninja Storm).

Episode 5x6 - "Norse By Norsevest"

Episode 5x7 - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge"

Season 5 of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" is available on DVD

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