Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Antonia Prebble, Holly Shanahan & Katrina Browne on "Outrageous Fortune" (2006)

Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force) continued her starring role on the comedic drama "Outrageous Fortune" where she plays Loretta West, the youngest daughter of the dysfunctional (and sometimes criminal) West family. In the fourth episode of Season 2, titled "The Two-Fold Force," Loretta is desperate to leave school behind and begin her adult life as her eighteenth birthday approaches. Given her high intelligence, however, her parents refuse to allow her to leave school, like her older siblings did. So, Loretta devises several schemes to force her vice principal to throw her out. Katrina Browne (Kapri, Ninja Storm) plays Caroline, the principal and thorn in Loretta's side. Caroline also happens to be her older brother Jethro's ex-girlfriend, making their relationship more complicated. Loretta finally gets booted, only for her parents to send her to private school. She ultimately gets out of that situation when she meets Jools, a homeless teen who shares her love for movies. Holly Shanahan (Camille, Jungle Fury) begins her recurring role as Jools who masquerades as Loretta at her new school. Prebble shares scenes with both her fellow PR actors during this episode.

Antonia Prebble

Holly Shanahan

Katrina Browne

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get these photos? They must be hard to find since the show isn't shown in the USA.

Nick said...

It's a very hard show to find!

I actually found a torrent of this episode. Sadly, the site that hosts it only has a few here and there. This was a good one to get my hands on given it had 3 PR actresses in the same episode.

I'm trying to download more from Outrageous Fortune, but it's tough.

The torrent was originally posted