Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Michael Copon on "One Tree Hill" - 7 (2004)

Michael Copon (Lucas, Time Force) continued his recurring role on "One Tree Hill" into the tenth episode of Season 2. The episode titled "Don't Take Me For Granted" occurs after the prom. Copon's character, Felix confronts his sister Anna over her relationship with Peyton and how her lesbian activities will give her a bad reputation, much like at their last school. Felix himself faces bitterness from his crush Brooke (series regular Sophia Bush), who thinks Felix busted the windshield of her car. Even though he wasn't responsible, Felix still pays for the damages and manages to get back into Brooke's good graces, leading to a kiss and their romance becoming official.

Season 2 of "One Tree Hill" is available on DVD

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