Monday, May 26, 2014

Mike Ginn on "Flat3" - 2 (2013)

Mike Ginn (Gem, RPM) returned to "Flat3" for the web series' fourth episode titled "Flatwarming." The episode finds lead character, Jessica and her flatmates deciding to host a costume-themed flatwarming party. Jessica hopes to get closer to her crush, Jackie Chan, played by Mike Ginn, after he surprises her by accepting the invitation to the party. Jessica pins all her hopes in the upcoming interaction, until Jackie arrives, revealing he has a girlfriend. Jessica's hopes are dashed. Soon, Jackie reveals they have to leave the party due to an emergency. You can watch the full episode on Youtube.

 photo flat3-1x4-mg1_zpsaeb64e71.jpg  photo flat3-1x4-mg2_zpseca6b919.jpg
 photo flat3-1x4-mg3_zpsff50de73.jpg
 photo flat3-1x4-mg4_zps8bb35032.jpg  photo flat3-1x4-mg5_zps91ef19f0.jpg
 photo flat3-1x4-mg6_zps01e949fe.jpg
 photo flat3-1x4-mg7_zps69921ba2.jpg  photo flat3-1x4-mg8_zpscec41dc7.jpg
 photo flat3-1x4-mg9_zpsc0204ce9.jpg

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