Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aloma Wright on "Parenthood" (2011)

Power Rangers in Space recurring actress, Aloma Wright (Adelle, Space) made a guest appearance on the drama series "Parenthood," which chronicles the lives of the large, Braverman family. Wright appeared as a no-nonsense nurse in the fifth episode of the third season, titled "Nora." When one of the show's main characters, Kristina Braverman goes into labor, the only family member available to take her to the hospital is her brother-in-law, Crosby, who is instantly uncomfortable with the situation. When Wright's character, Nurse Natalie, arrives, she prevents him from leaving Kristina alone to deliver her baby, helping him get the courage to step up and help coach her through labor. Kristina gives birth to a girl, whom she names Nora. Crosby later introduces Natalie to everyone, dubbing her an honorary member of the family. Aloma Wright is no stranger to television hospitals, as she's appeared on over a half-dozen television series playing a nurse, including "Scrubs."

Season 3 of "Parenthood" currently airs on NBC

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