Friday, March 11, 2011

Jason David Frank on "Sweet Valley High" (1996)

While starring on Power Rangers Zeo, Jason David Frank (Tommy, MMPR-Turbo; Dino Thunder) began a multi-episode stint on the Saban teen series "Sweet Valley High." Frank appeared in four episodes of the third season as A.J., a young rock band member who moves in next door to the main characters, Liz & Jessica Wakefield. In his first episode "Rock Around the Block," it's the rock band's practice sessions that get the attention of the twins, even keeping them up at night. Once Jessica has had enough, she marches over to the house, demanding they turn down the music. In the process, she meets A.J. and instantly falls in love. When she discovers the band is looking for a new singer, she plans to audition until she realizes she has a horrible singing voice. She still manages to get A.J.'s attention and the two make plans to hang out, until A.J.'s band mates overhear them talking and tease A.J. for showing interest in a high school girl. Jason David Frank's Zeo co-star Catherine Sutherland previously appeared on "Sweet Valley High."

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