Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anna Hutchison, John Tui, Adam Gardiner, Jared Turner & James Napier on "Go Girls" (2009)

The final episode of "Go Girls" first season, titled "Dream Believers," finds the trio of best friends, Amy, Britta & Cody all trying to make their dreams come true. Anna Hutchison (Lily, Jungle Fury) continues in her role as Amy, who is on the verge of having it all when it all falls apart. While trying to help Cody with her wedding woes, Amy's rekindled romance with her ex, Brad, comes to a halt when Brad's estranged wife Angelina shows up, revealing she's pregnant. Amy also discovers he was the victim of a scam when the owner of the house she bought for resale so she could buy back her childhood home returns, revealing he's a man, Lesley Danby, not the old woman who illegally sold her the place. Overdrive voice actor, Adam Gardiner (voice of Kamdor, Overdrive) appears in one scene of the episode, playing the role of Lesley Danby. He appears opposite Hutchison in the scene. Recurring actor, John Tui (Doggie Cruger, SPD; Daggeron, Mystic Force) reprises his role as Timbo, a mechanic who works with Amy's buddy, Cody. Timbo is present at Cody's wedding to rugby star, Eli, whose sexuality is leaked to the tabloids just as the wedding date arrives. Cody ultimately makes the decision to go through the wedding anyway, even after a chance meeting with Ben Maddox, her daughter's teacher, whom she had an affair with. Jared Turner (voice of Whiger, Jungle Fury) returns as Ben, who wishes Cody well in her wedding. Turner appears in one scene of the episode. Former Red Ranger, James Napier (Conner, Dino Thunder) cameos in the episode, reprising his role as Mark, one of Eli's teammates. Mark can be seen sitting just behind Eli's parents at the church during the wedding ceremony. He is also seen a few times in the background during the wedding reception. Napier has no lines. PR guest stars Stephen Lovatt (voice of Hamhock, Jungle Fury) and Joseph Naufahu (Guard, RPM) also continue in their "Go Girls" recurring roles. Lovatt appears as Amy's dad, while Naufahu plays Eli, Cody's new husband. A full zip of Anna Hutchison's screencaps are available to download below.

Anna Hutchison 

John Tui

Adam Gardiner

Jared Turner

James Napier

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