Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ron Roggé on "24" (2002)

Ron Roggé (Captain Mitchell, Lightspeed) appeared back in the very first season of the hit crime drama "24." Roggé appeared as Jared in the show's eighth hour titled "7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m." Jack Bauer is forced to do the bidding of those that wish to assassinate President Palmer because his wife and daughter are being held hostage. He arrives at a public press conference and tries to warn the president by getting close to a journalist who happens to be an old acquaintance of his. The villains, however, are ready for Jack's attempt and Jared is sent to intercept the woman before Jack can pass her a note to warn the president. Roggé appears in a few scenes of the episode, mostly in the background dressed as a factory worker, as he acts as surveillance for the enemy. Roggé is the third PR alum featured on the blog from "24" after Gabrielle Fitzpatrick and Karim Prince.

Season 1 of "24" is available on DVD

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Amy Jo Johnson on "Flashpoint" - 17 (2009)

In her 40th post here on the blog, Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, MMPR) officially returns to duty as Jules Callaghan in the eleventh episode of "Flashpoint's" second season. Jules is welcomed back into uniform in the episode "Perfect Storm." She tries to immediately smooth things over with her ex, Sam Braddock since they will be working side by side and while he is clearly bitter over their broken romance, he is loyally by her side as the SRU team heads into a high school where a student has a gun, on the hunt for those that bullied him earlier in the day. Sympathizing with the boy, the team tries their hardest to get him to stand down safely, but one of his tormentors has a father on the local police force and when he believes the teen has killed his son in retaliation, he fires on the boy. The teen manages to survive and Jules is able to end her long first day back on the job with some satisfaction.

Season 2 of "Flashpoint" airs on CBS and CTV

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Josephine Davison, Michael Hurst & Derek Judge on "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1997)

A trio of PR alums appeared in the fourth season "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" episode titled "Web of Desire." In the episode, Hercules and his best friend Iolaus find themselves shipwrecked after a ship they're traveling on is caught in a storm. They take refuge in a large cave and soon find their numbers dwindling thanks to something monstrous inside. Josephine Davison (Morgana, SPD) appears as Arachne, the monstrous half-woman, half-spider that is preying on the men inside the cave. Arachne soon sets her sights on Iolaus, played by Michael Hurst (voice of Vexacus, Ninja Storm). Hurst appears throughout the episode in his starring role. After Iolaus is captured by Arachne and she attempts to mate with him, Hercules comes to his rescue, battling Arachne until he is able to show her reflection which is her greatest weakness. Also appearing in this episode is voice actor Derek Judge (voice of Grizzaka, Jungle Fury; voice of Black Lance, Mystic Force) who plays Monicles, one of the shipwrecked crew. After his shipmates start disappearing, he refuses to go along with Hercules' plan to search for them and instead chooses to steal the treasures inside the cave. Arachne captures and kills him early in the episode. This is both Josephine Davison and Michael Hurst's third post on the blog from "Hercules."

Josephine Davison

Michael Hurst

Derek Judge

Season 4 of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" is available on DVD

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