Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sandra McCoy on "The O.C." (2007)

Following in the footsteps of her Wild Force co-star Jack Guzman, Sandra McCoy (Kendall, Wild Force) guest starred on the long-running drama series "The O.C." during it's final season. McCoy appeared in the fourth season episode titled "The Groundhog Day," which finds main character Seth Cohen dragged into a scheme by his free-spirited friend Che (played by Chris Pratt) to steal a groundhog from the annual Groundhog's Day Festival. McCoy plays a girl dressed as a groundhog for the event. After Seth & Che are arrested for their attempted theft, they find themselves in a cell next to her. They discover that she's actually a free-spirit just like Che and sparks fly instantly between the two. Later, Seth learns that the couple is heading out of town together along with the groundhog. McCoy is credited as 'Hippie Chick' and appears in three scenes of the episode.

Season 4 of "The O.C." is available on DVD

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