Monday, May 5, 2008

Cerina Vincent on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2005)

Former Yellow Ranger Cerina Vincent (Maya, Lost Galaxy) made a guest appearance on the hit drama series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" back in 2005. She appeared in the episode "4x4" as Gwen, a car show model who is a key witness in one of several cases that pop up around the event, stretching the CSI crew to their limits. Gwen heads to a session with her personal trainer, only to discover his dead body. She appears in several scenes, including a trademark "CSI" flashback, as she's interviewed by the police about her last encounter with her trainer, which was almost steamy until she was rejected by the buff bodybuilder. Vincent is the fifth PR actor featured on the blog for appearing on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." Phillip Jeanmarie, Walter Jones & Hilary Shepard Turner and recurring "CSI" star Archie Kao have already been posted.

Season 5 of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" is available on DVD

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Jack Guzman on "Numb3rs" (2008)

Jack Guzman (Danny, Wild Force) returns to television once again. The week after his appearance on "ER," Guzman appeared on the hit CBS drama series "Numb3rs." Guzman portrayed Carlos Ruiz in the episode titled "End Game." The episode centers around a marine whose family is abducted by a group of his former comrades looking for a promised payoff. Guzman is a member of the ex-marine kidnapping group. He has several lines and appears at the beginning and end of the episode. Interestingly enough, he appears alongide guest star Shariff Atkins who is a former star of "ER."

Season 4 of "Numb3rs" currently airs on CBS

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Firass Dirani on "Kick" - 8 (2007)

Firass Dirani (Nick/Bowen, Mystic Force) continued his recurring role on the Aussie comedy series "Kick" into its tenth episode. Dirani makes his eighth appearance in the episode "While the Cat's Away," where his character, Amen Salim turns his womanizing affections to his pal Hoa's adopted sister Lien. Given Amen's sleazy past tactics, things obviously don't go the way Lien planned and she leaves Amen with yet another bruise to add to his growing list. In another twist, Amen also spies his engaged sister kissing a woman at the end of this episode.

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Karim Prince on "Resurrection Blvd." (2000)

Former Alien Ranger Karim Prince (Cestro, MMPR-Zeo) made a notable guest appearance on the cable drama "Resurrection Blvd." The latino drama tells the story of a family of boxers. In the episode "Negro y Moreno" (translated Black and Brown), Prince appears as Preston Brookins, a boxer who faces off against series star Alex Santiago (played by Nicholas Gonzalez). Preston is a foul-mouthed boxer who talks dirty and plays even dirtier in the ring. Prince appeared in several scenes of the episode. "Negro y Moreno" was the sixth episode of the show's first season.

Season 1 of "Resurrection Blvd." is available on DVD

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