Monday, May 5, 2008

Josephine Davison & Chris Graham on "Cleopatra 2525" (2000)

"Cleopatra 2525" was created by the minds behind "Xena: Warrior Princess," and told the story of Cleopatra after she is awakened in the future. Like "Xena," the series was filmed in New Zealand and featured some future PR actors. The first episode of the series' second season titled "The Watch" featured two familiar faces. Josephine Davison (Morgana, SPD) made her debut as Marla, a reformed criminal who would reappear on the series twice more. In this episode, the female heroes set out to protect Marla at a political gathering, which is threatened by The Black Watch. One of the members of the villainous group is Mystic Force's Chris Graham (Leanbow, Mystic Force). His character, Drake, flirts with Cleopatra, who uses him to infiltrate The Watch in a search for a much-needed antidote. Graham & Davison do not share any scenes together in the episode.

Josephine Davison

Chris Graham

Season 2 of "Cleopatra 2525" is available on DVD

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