Sunday, February 23, 2014

Daniel Southworth on "Kickin' It" - 8 (2014)

Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force) continued his role as part of the stunt team on the teen martial arts comedy, "Kickin' It." The thirteenth episode of the third season finds the Wasabe Warriors taking care of the temple belonging to their friends, the Shaolin monks. In the monks' absence, the teens' sensei, Rudy, decides to turn the place into a vacation destination after he runs up a major debt. What Rudy and the kids don't know is that the work crew that arrives at the temple is really a band of thieves, looking to steal the temple's treasures. Daniel Southworth appears amongst the thieves. Though his name tag says 'Chris,' it is a disguise. His character is never addressed by name in the episode and has no lines. After being taken hostage, Rudy and the group rally together to defeat the thieves before they can get away with the temple's gold. Southworth appeared in four scenes of the episode, titled "Fawlty Temple."

 photo kickinit-3x13-ds1_zpsacc729fd.jpg  photo kickinit-3x13-ds2_zps465835a7.jpg
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