Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cerina Vincent on "Jennifer Falls" (2014)

Cerina Vincent (Maya, Lost Galaxy) guest starred on this week's episode of the TVLand sitcom "Jennifer Falls." The fourth episode finds Jennifer (Jaime Pressly) catching up with a high school classmate, Frank, only to discover that her best friend Dina is also romancing Frank. The best friends end their anger over sharing a man and turn their attention to confronting Frank. When they visit his sporting goods store to do so, they meet Caroline, who is revealed to be Frank's girlfriend. Cerina Vincent appears as Caroline. The women return later to publicly humiliate Frank, who does his best to keep them away from Caroline. When Caroline discovers Frank's latest humiliation in the store, she implies it isn't the first time and walks away from him. Vincent appeared in two scenes of the episode.

 photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv1_zps28afd330.jpg  photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv2_zpsc4413a16.jpg
 photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv3_zps027ddae7.jpg
 photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv4_zps03175f4b.jpg  photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv5_zpsc95083cf.jpg
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 photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv7_zps546ea6f5.jpg  photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv8_zps3a781d21.jpg
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"Jennifer Falls" currently airs on TVLand

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