Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ian Harcourt on "Xena: Warrior Princess" (2000)

Xena and Gabrielle contend with a tribe of cannibals in the sixth season episode "The Abyss." In an effort to reunite with their friend Virgil, Xena & Gabrielle discover that he's been taken hostage by cannibals. In the ensuing battle, Gabrielle is gravely injured, leaving Xena to try to keep her alive, as they confront the emotions of their relationship. Meanwhile, Virgil finds himself locked away, where he meets Rubio, played by Ian Harcourt (Mr. Burley, Megaforce). Rubio informs Virgil that he's stayed alive the longest because of his frailty, making him less appetizing than other targets of the cannibals. Xena arranges for Gabrielle to be caught by the cannibals, in an effort to get her some help with her wounds. Xena follows the tribe to their home, where she helps Gabrielle, Virgil and Rubio escape. Rubio rides out of the village with Xena and her allies, but is surprised when Xena decides to set a trap to destroy the cannibals before they can hunt down anymore prey.

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