Friday, February 6, 2009

Melanie Vallejo on "Packed to the Rafters" (2009)

Former Blue Ranger Melanie Vallejo (Madison, Mystic Force) made her debut on the hit Australian drama "Packed to the Rafters" this week. Vallejo plays Katrina, or Kat for short, a massage therapist who meets Ben Rafter (series regular Hugh Sheridan) at jury duty where they become fast friends. Kat helps Ben realize that he may be punishing their defendant because of his victimization in a robbery months before. Ben helps Kat when he discovers that she's being evicted. He invites her to come stay in the home he shares with his best friend and his girlfriend, who is instantly suspicious of Kat and her motives for wanting to help Ben, especially after Kat helps Ben & his brother Nathan get back at Nathan's former co-worker who has been sabotaging his attempts to find work after he was fired. Vallejo is scheduled to appear in four episodes of the series. In an interesting PR connection, Ben's girlfriend is played by Zoe Ventoura, who starred in the Aussie series "Kick" alongside Vallejo's boyfriend & Mystic Force co-star Firass Dirani.

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Barnie Duncan & Jon Brazier on "Legend of the Seeker" (2009)

Barnie Duncan (Toby, Mystic Force) appeared in the latest episode of the action-adventure series "Legend of the Seeker." In the episode titled "Confession," Duncan portrays Niles Brannigan, a local thief who is accused of murder. When Kahlan uses her power to confess him, he admits to committing the crime and he is hung as a result. Moments later, however, Kahlan and Richard discover that Niles couldn't have committed the murder since he was in the process of robbing a man several miles away at the same time. This causes Kahlan to doubt her abilities as she & The Seeker try to track down the real killer who implanted memories of the murder in Niles' head. Another Mystic Force alum, Jon Brazier (Oracle, Mystic Force) also appears in this episode. Brazier appears as Thaddicus, the brother of The Seeker's mentor Zedd, who returns home to get a sacred key. The brothers' rivalry ignites upon Zedd's return, but they are ultimately reunited when Zedd assists Thaddicus in fending off an attacker and uses his powers to heal his brother's wounds. Duncan & Brazier both appeared in the Mystic Force episode "The Gatekeeper." Jungle Fury voice actor Stephen Lovatt (voice of Hamhock, Jungle Fury) also plays a major role in this episode.

Barnie Duncan

Jon Brazier

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David de Lautour & Tandi Wright on "Being Eve" - 3 (2001)

Episode #5 of "Being Eve" features a milestone moment for the main character. Eve gets her first kiss. David de Lautour (RJ, Jungle Fury) continues his starring role as Eve's crush Adam Le Beau. Eve's best friends ask Adam to attend the school dance with them as a foursome and Eve thinks Adam may actually be interested in going with her. However, he shows up late to the dance and Eve proceeds to kiss him, catching him off-guard. Before she can get his reaction, she dashes out of the dance leaving behind her best friend Sylvie who Adam gives a ride to, causing her to develop her own crush on him. Tandi Wright (voice of Aisynia Cruger, SPD) also appears in this episode briefly in her role as Allanah, the live-in girlfriend of Eve's father. She appears in only a few scenes of this episode, as she tries to give Eve advice on not being proactive with boys. James Napier (Conner, Dino Thunder) reprises his recurring role as Jared in this episode, but appears mostly in the background. This episode was titled "Being Kissed."

David de Lautour

Tandi Wright

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