Sunday, November 23, 2008

Antonia Prebble & Barnie Duncan on "Outrageous Fortune" - 2 (2008)

Antonia Prebble & Barnie Duncan reprised their roles on "Outrageous Fortune" into Episode #14 of Season 4. Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force) continued her starring role as Loretta West, the youngest of the misfit clan. In this episode, she is floored by the return of Hayden Peters, the father of her daughter which she's given up to her mother to raise. After learning of the baby, Hayden returns claiming to want a role in her life, which Loretta is completely against, as is her mother. However, Loretta's mother begins to feel swayed after Loretta furiously protests her allowing Hayden into baby Jane's life. Loretta attempts to steal her daughter out of the house, after learning Hayden's family wants her baptized, which her mother agrees to. Barnie Duncan (Toby, Mystic Force) makes his second and final appearance as Dane Harris, Kasey's new boyfriend, whom she tags along with despite his criminal past and present. When her estranged husband learns that the police are ready to crackdown on Dane's dealings, he warns his wife and she almost leaves town with Dane, until her hubby finally takes the hint and fights for her.

Antonia Prebble

Barnie Duncan

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