Saturday, November 1, 2008

Andrew Laing & Antonia Prebble on "Outrageous Fortune" (2008)

Andrew Laing (Master Lope, Jungle Fury) guest starred on the hit New Zealand series "Outrageous Fortune" in the first episode of the fourth season. In the episode "Thinking Makes It So," Laing appears as Andrew Calhoun, a man who seeks to adopt the newborn baby of Loretta West, played by Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force). Loretta's family, however, are against the adoption and Loretta is locked in her room, unable to get out, even weeks after giving birth, which sends her over the edge. Loretta wants nothing to do with her baby or her mother's intention to force her to sign the child over to her instead of the Calhouns. In the end, Loretta's sister gets the Calhouns another baby before Loretta escapes and takes her baby, which they no longer want. Loretta allows her mother to adopt the baby girl and order appears to be restored to the West family.

Andrew Laing

Antonia Prebble

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