Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hector David Jr. on "Teens Wanna Know" (2013)

Hector David Jr. (Mike, Samurai) was briefly interviewed on the online interview series "Teens Wanna Know." In this Season 2 episode, host Michael Peña interviews teen musician Ashlee Keating about her career, secret talent and the release of her new single "Helluva Ride!" Peña is on the red carpet for the Together We Rise charity event benefiting foster care initiatives, where Keating debuts her new song with a stage performance. Peña briefly interviews other attendees on the red carpet at the event, including Hector David Jr. who appears for a few seconds, showing his enthusiastic support for Keating and her performance at the event. The episode runs about 7 and a half minutes and can be seen on Youtube.

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